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Our industry experts specialize in strategy, rapid solution design, and systematic delivery of outstanding customer solutions in Sales, Service, and technical integration leveraging the power of Salesforce.com's platform. Xede focuses on evolving each customer's business strategy, transformations to increase revenue, higher Net-Promoter-Scores, and creating distinct competitive advantage.

Our vast experience in business process design, performance analysis, architecture, and solution delivery make Xede the go-to choice.

We make it easy to find a real expert when you need help. Xede uses a multidisciplinary approach to take accountability for driving results and working within your budget and goals to achieve the right answer. We bring the brightest minds, skills, and talent that rally around your project with the wisdom and experience drawn from a wide experience base to do things properly. With a proven, yet flexible, methodology appropriate for the job at hand, Xede adheres to industry best-practices and standards while maintaining creativity in our delivery.

Our team loves to solve problems big and small.

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    Solve complex business and technical challenges systematically

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    Invent and innovate to move through roadblocks and set the pace for competition

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Every day we help organizations break through barriers and create amazing solutions. The following success stories showcase just a few examples of our excellent work.


John Birgbauer
CEO - Founder

We operate in the greatest era of change that business has ever experienced -- fueled by the fast shift into the digital era, rapidly changing marketplaces, customer patterns that drive the need to transform products and services; redefine business and revenue models, and break down barriers to new competition. We know hiring the right partner makes and breaks customer's success and we take that seriously. Our promise to drive high value, honor your trust and deliver is proven, and we look forward to working with you to unlock your organizations' potential.

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Our team is Salesforce Certified and ready to bring you value from first contact. Experts with the experience of hundreds of Salesforce automation projects that solve real problems just like the ones you face in your business. Our team makes Salesforce perform for your business, and coaches you to take complete advantage of the platform.

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Global, ERP Integrated Sales & Service Solution

  • The Challenge

    Sandvine's CRM solution was on a dated Microsoft technology stack and had insufficient user adoption and value to the business. Their customer service systems were disconnected from their core customer data stores in either SAP, Experlogix (for Quoting) or the existing MS CRM solution, making a whole view of the customer across sales, service, and operations a major challenge. Important reporting and analytics capabilities were handled in Excel including a Gross Margin Calculator and an Install Base manager. The Customer Experience of their self-help service function did not fit the quality of their brand, or allow a user experience that today's socially mobile user expects. The existing customer portal was a home-grown solution built on the Rational ClearQuest product, and could not scale or flex with their expectations for customer self-service.

  • The Solution

    A project to address some of these challenges was running into difficulties and created an opening for Sandvine to re-think the strategic direction for their customer-centric business applications. Sandvine concluded that a strategic migration to Salesforce.com would better position the company to sell and serve more effectively, while taking out significant operational costs and inefficiencies and investing in a platform that can scale and evolve in whatever direction Sandvine needs in the future. In a fast moving four-month project, Xede and Sandvine teamed together to create a transformational solution on the Salesforce.com platform to address these challenges. The new Salesforce.com solution replaced their Customer Portal, integrated Active Directory for SSO, and integrated with their ERP (SAP) and quoting (Experlogix) systems to provide a single source of truth for customer data across all of their systems. With the new system, Sandvine energized their sales organization, increased sales, reduced their customer service costs and significantly improved their customer experience with their brand.

Sales Automation

  • The Challenge

    GLP and Associates is one of the largest independent providers of retirement services for educators in the market place today. Through their unique and distinctive approach, they help educators understand their retirement investment options and assist them in determining the right solutions to meet their long-term retirement needs. When GLP first met with Xede, they felt that their visibility into sales performance was limited and not sustainable for the projected growth of the company. They were looking for a solution that would support their unique sales model, would scale as the business grew, and could perform real-time, bi-directional client data synchronization with an external sales tool application.

  • The Solution

    Through a series of discovery sessions, the Xede team collaborated with the GLP team to define their unique requirements. What emerged was a client centric model where customers were related to Districts, Buildings, Policies, and Submissions, not Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. Xede leveraged as much standard functionality from Salesforce as possible, and then created custom components to fill-in the gaps.

    Because GLP's business model was client centric, not district centric, Xede implemented a custom bottom-up security model that allows one or more agents that have access to a given client to see the related district and building data, but not see other clients associated with that district/building, or districts/buildings for which they have no customers.

    Using the Salesforce API, Xede collaborated with GLP's IT support vendor to create a real-time interface to exchange client data between Salesforce and GLP's sales tool in real-time.

    And finally, using reports and dashboards, as well as the Salesforce role hierarchy, Xede created reports and dashboards that give GLP the ability to see sales across the organization in a variety of ways (agent sales, district sales, building sales).

Microsoft CRM Replacement

  • The Challenge

    Cartegraph Systems is a computer software company specializing in cloud-based Operations Management Systems. Their products are used by local governments and utilities to manage citizen requests, manage work and resources, and maintain assets. In 2012, Cartegraph was considering a strategic investment in Salesforce.com to address several fundamental challenges in their current Sales, Marketing, Service, and Finance operations. Some of the challenges Cartegraph faced were: their current CRM system was difficult to modify and extend, poor user adoption of the existing CRM system, limited reporting capabilities, lack of mobile integration, and lack of integration with their ERP system.

  • The Solution

    Using Xede's Xpressway System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) management process, we conducted a series of Discovery sessions, where we collaborated with the Cartegraph team to define their unique requirements. We then took their over 300 requirements and designed and built a solution that centralized their core Sales, Marketing, and Service functions on to the Salesforce platform and integrated it with their ERP system.

    Xede optimized Cartegraph's sales process to enable the sales team to complete the necessary steps in the sales process more quickly and efficiently. Using reports and dashboards, Xede provided management the insight that they needed to track and manage their forecast. Using Salesforce integration we were able to tie opportunities, quotes and contracts together with their ERP system giving them clearer visibility into what their customers actually own. And finally, the new implementation of Salesforce.com included a full self-service customer portal. Using Solutions, customers have the ability to solve their own issues, thereby increasing efficiencies in technical support through improved collaboration, solution and knowledge sharing.

Centralized 311 Command

  • The Challenge

    The City of Elgin, IL desired a solution to improve the intake, resolution and management of non-emergency requests from its citizens through a 311 hotline. The City was looking for a solution that would not require on-premise installation, be scalable and allow for mobile access to requests by City employees. A citizen portal was also required where citizens could enter their requests online as well check on the status of existing requests.

  • The Solution

    311 solution addresses over 40 different “service requests”, such as traffic lights out and downed trees, which are originated by constituents. Service Cloud implementation is the central source for tracking constituents, their requests and the resolution process. The field teams are able to update their “cases” via tablets or mobile devices while in the field. Xede also implemented an integration to the City of Elgin’s Geographic Information System (GIS), ESRI ArcGIS, to provide visual references to the 311 Agent. The Salesforce.com Customer Portal was configured to provide the online, web-based user interface for constituent self-service.

Salesforce Strategy Planning

  • The Challenge

    A large Michigan based health care company chose Salesforce.com as their platform for creating, managing, and measuring all marketing campaigns and related activities. The intention was to increase their ability to execute campaigns more effectively while providing metrics and measurements that will enhance insight into strategic marketing activities and their results. The ability to improve the technical architecture, enhance the marketing process all while minimizing the cost of IT support and maintenance were important factors.

  • The Solution

    Xede was able to produce a strategy to quickly allow the company to run larger and more complex campaign execution and measurement capabilities. We were able to create greater visibility not only within the organization but at off-site call-centers where there was little to no visibility prior to using Salesforce.com. With daily importing and exporting of files to legacy systems, the challenge of managing healthcare members and prospects went from difficult to easy. The new solution also allowed marketing a way to communicate and collaborate like they never had before. Collecting preferences from members combined with marketing to prospects aging into plans have given this company’s marketing department the insight and competitive advantage it needs for the changes to health care coming in 2014.

Sales Cloud Implementation

  • The Challenge

    AcuSport is a fast-growing ammunition distributor. They needed to further develop the relationships between AcuSport and the FFL-licensed independent retailer base in the U.S. to continue on their growth path. Critical data that determines the readiness of the independent retailer to participate in programs and the analysis and reporting on the top candidates and enrolled retailers – along with traditional CRM information – is a key need for the business. FFL owners are retiring and they have reached an inflection point to introduce new technology.

  • The Solution

    AcuSport invested in Salesforce.com and Xede as a part of their overall systems upgrade to support ambitious growth targets for the upcoming years. Xede brought value in being an expert, top-tier consultant based in the Midwest, like AcuSport. Our integration expertise aligns with their long-term vision to incorporate CRM with ERP and other back office systems.

Call Center and GIF Integration

  • The Challenge

    As a provider of Auto Loan Financing, providing excellent customer service to their customers is critical. Ally Auto Loan Servicing operates call centers globally, making system performance a key component of the solution. Enabling direct updates to Account information from within the agent interface was a key need for Ally. The ability to incorporate information based workflow and deliver real-time management visibility into Auto Loan servicing were critical requirements for the new solution.

  • The Solution

    Xede to delivered the integrated solution utilizing both core Salesforce.com Service Cloud expertise coupled with deep experience in application integration in high-performance environments. The solution extensively utilized the workflow features of Salesforce.com to drive the agent experience and follow up through the most efficient path to customer resolution – and minimized customer response times. The Service Console was integrated directly to the Ally back-end account system through a series of web services provided by Ally IT as a Global Information Factory (GIF). The solution launched to over 300 agents globally on schedule and on budget.

Collaborate with partners in a whole new way

  • The Challenge

    Delphi Connection Systems (DCS) wanted to enable their Distribution Channel Partners to enter/register their opportunities in an independent and secure manner and integrate them into the opportunity registration approval process. To accomplish this, they utilize the Partner Community features of Salesforce to provide the external site, authentication and controlled access to the information shared between Delphi and their Distribution Channel Partners.

  • The Solution

    The solution enabled Delphi to collaborate with Partners in a whole new way. By securely exposing data already available within Salesforce, Delphi has a single source of truth related to their Distribution Channel Partners.

Government Engagement Center - 311, ESRI / GIS Integration

  • The Challenge

    The City of Philadelphia, PA is an innovator and early adopter for technology in local government. The Philly311 Contact Center operations for the City of Philadelphia is nationally recognized non-emergency contact center that delivers optimal customer service for 1.5 million residents, businesses, and visitors. Philly needed a citizen relationship management tool with an omni-channel citizen experience for case management.

  • The Solution

    Xede provided Salesforce.com Expert Services, to Unisys, to assist in the delivery of the 311 solution built on Salesforce.com for the City of Philadelphia

    The primary use case for GIS integration revolves around the ability of the agent to visually determine from a list of existing cases (by service type) on a map whether the case being requested is a duplicate. Xede’s role is to develop a Hot Spot map based on the Salesforce.com streaming feature available through the API. This map will refresh within the browser window with pinpoints as service requests are loaded into the system.